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Simple overview of the gear box

Nov 16, 2016

Gear box based on modular design principle, greatly reducing the component type, suitable for mass production and flexible selection. Reducer of spiral bevel gears, helical gears are made of high quality alloy steel, carburized and quenched, tooth surface hardness up to 60 2HRC, tooth grinding accuracy up to class 5-6. Domestic transmission parts bearing brand imported bearings or bearings, seals used skeleton oil seal speaker structure, larger body surface area and big fan; the machine temperature rise, noise reduction, increased reliability of operation, transmission power increase. To achieve parallel shaft, vertical shaft, vertical, horizontal universal case, input motor flange, shaft input, output shaft can be rectangular or horizontal output, with solid shaft and hollow shaft, flange type output shaft. Gear boxes meet the installation requirements of small space can also be supplied according to customer demand. The size smaller than the soft reducer 1/2, weight half life by 3~4 times, increased loading capacity 8~10 times. Widely application Yu printing packaging mechanical, and stereo garage equipment, and environmental mechanical, and conveying equipment, and chemical equipment, and metallurgical mine equipment, and steel power equipment, and mixing equipment, and road mechanical, and sugar industrial, and wind power, and escalator elevator drive, and ship field, and light field, and paper field, and metallurgical industry, and sewage processing, and building materials industry, and lifting mechanical, and conveying line, and line, power, big ratio, high torque of occasions. Has good value for money and contribute to domestic equipment supply.