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Pulley installation and removal

Nov 16, 2016


1. check the pulley grooves, ensure that there are no scars or sharp edges, all dimensions are in accordance with standards;

2. clean all the parts surfaces, such as the wheel hole, sleeve, bolt hole. Cone set into the pulley, so that all screw holes align.

3. screw rod (TB 1008-TB 3030) and threaded (TB 3525-TB 5050) after greasing screwed into mounting holes, but not tight.

4. clean surface of the shaft, pulley with taper bushing are now pushed on to the axis of the track location, see if the v-belt wheel alignment.

5. when the keyway is used, you must first insert the axle and hub it, between the slots and Kong Gu must have a certain degree of tolerance.

6. use DIN911 standard hex wrench, alternately gradually ground down the installation hole of the bolt, until you reach the torque shown in the table below.

7. operation in a short time (0.5 to 1 hour), check the tightening torque of bolts, if necessary, tightened again.

8. in order to prevent the intrusion of foreign bodies, filling the holes with grease holes.


1. loosen all bolts according to number of dismantling holes remove the one or two bolts, oil lubrication bolt tip lines and bolts, bolts were inserted into dismantling holes.

2. tighten the bolts alternately until the and pulley with taper bushing loosened.

3. remove the sleeve from the shaft and pulley.