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Noise on gear box

Nov 16, 2016

Gear boxes are widely used in mechanical transmission of important components, when a pair of gears, due to the inevitable existence of pitch, tooth profile errors in operation process will produce a meshing impact and corresponding to the gear mesh frequency noise due to sliding friction between tooth surface noise. As the gears of a gear box drive in the base part, reducing gearbox noise on noise control is necessary. In General, the cause of gear noise occurs mainly in the following areas:

1. gear design. Wrong choice of parameters, overlapping through small, inappropriate or no modification of tooth profile modification, gear box structure is not reasonable. Base pitch error and tooth profile error of gear-cutting is too large, the backlash is too large, surface roughness, and so on.

2. gear train and gear box. Assembly of eccentric, exposure to low precision, parallel to the axis of the differential, shafts, bearings, bearing stiffness, bearing improper rotation accuracy is not high and the gap.

3. other aspects of the input torque. Load torque fluctuation of shafting torsional vibration, electric motors and other transmission balance, and so on.