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experience on pulleys

Nov 16, 2016

1, for the pulley on the market, the removal of Rama is used when (especially hydraulic gear puller) pull always pull the edge of the pulley shatter. At the 3-jaw puller, 5mm thick strip of iron on the mat, stress increased, greatly reducing the possibility of wheel breakage.

2, installation, should be polished with fine gauze of pulley diameter burrs, then coated with a thin layer of grease, so more easy install the pulley on the shaft.

3, when the motor shaft when installing the pulley, fan cowl should be removed, the measuring shaft on her wall, then tapping the pulley into the shaft. It's too easy to break the motor cover, single phase motor centrifugal switch can also be crushed.

4, the pulley on the motor when using a hydraulic gear puller will not remove, the rotor can be removed, with horizontal lathe and pulley out of the way, buy into a new pulley install.