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Design and processing technology of gear shaft

Nov 16, 2016

Design of gear shaft used in general inextricably to the following situations:

Is usually 1, gear pinion (tooth number of gear) 2, gear shaft is usually based on high level (that is, low torque level) 3 General rarely as variable-speed sliding gear, gear shafts, running gear is generally fixed, because at a high level, the slip speed of the high speed is not. 4, is an overall synthesis of gear and shaft of the gear axis, however, at design time, or to try to reduce the length of the shaft, is too long is not conducive to the hobbing machine on machining, and second shaft support too long axis to be bold and add mechanical strength (such as stiffness, deflection, bending, etc)

Processing technology of gear shaft (45th steel as an example):

, Rough cutting

Second, for rough turning

Third, quenching and tempering (toughness and stiffness of the shaft of the gear axis)

IV, precision gear blanks to the size

When he was five, if the keyway on the shaft, first machining keyway

Six, gear

Seven, medium frequency induction hardening of teeth surface (small with high frequency induction hardening of gears), quenching hardness HRC48-58 (specific hardness value needed according to the operating conditions, load factors and)

Eight, gear grinding

Nine, finished the final inspection