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Characteristics of spline

Nov 16, 2016

Flat key connection often used to fit the gear shaft or coupling and joints. , Usually takes the key, this join is ever full, thus joins the parts need to be axial fixation. Splines splines collected fast and easy high load capacity, neutral good, but high manufacturing costs, requires special tooling.

Due to the different structure and manufacturing processes, joined with a flat key, splines in strength, technique and has the following characteristics: because on the shaft and hub and even more directly on teeth and slots, splined joint power more evenly;

Tank lighter, smaller tooth root stress concentration, strength weakening of the shaft and hub are few;

Tooth number, total contact area is large, so it can withstand greater load;

Parts on the shaft and the axial alignment of the good, it is very important for high speed and precision machinery;

Good guide, it is important to join;

Method to improve the accuracy of the available ground and connection quality;

Manufacturing process more complicated, sometimes it takes specialized equipment and high cost.

Suitable occasion:

Require high centering precision, high torque or often slip joints.