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Dual Clutch Transmission , Gearbox , Transmission , Clutch , Gear , Shaft

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Dual Clutch Transmission , Gearbox , Transmission , Clutch , Gear , Shaft

The dual clutch transmission combines the comfort of a 7-speed automatic transmission with the dynamic handling of a manual gearbox. It makes fast and smooth gear changes without interruptions in tractive power possible. The shift characteristics can be preselected from fuel-saving to sporty. the transmission consists of two sub-transmissions, each with its own clutch. Clutch actuations and gear changes are fully automatic and allow particularly smooth gear shifting without any loss of tractive power. The "Economy“, "Sport“ and "Manual“ shift programs that can be preselected using a switch on the centre console each have different gear-change characteristics and speeds: Downshifts are made earlier and at a higher engine speed in "Sport" mode as compared to "Economy" mode. When changing gears manually, the driver receives gear recommendations for saving fuel in the optimum engine speed range. the ECO start-stop function shuts off the engine temporarily at a red light or in a traffic jam.

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